• B2B Application Services


    Diagram: B2B Application Services

    B2B Application Services enable businesses to improve their internal and external operations. B2B hosts different application systems can be created by bundling different application modules that are developed to target specific business requirements. The following are some of the application systems:

      B2B e-Supplier Services
      B2B e-Supplier Services are services provided through an e-Supplier system hosted by B2B. The e-Supplier system is currently connected to many major buyers such as Tesco, Carrefour, 7-11, Parkson, Watsons, Resorts World, etc. The key features and benefits of e-Supplier system are:

    Improve efficiency through electronic document exchange
    Suppliers can use a single system to send and receive business documents to and from one or more buyers. Examples of business documents are purchase orders, invoices, goods receipt notes, etc.
    Ensure process compliance with multiple buyers
    Buyers can implement their respective processes and document standards in the system so that all suppliers shall comply to the processes and standards by using the system. For example, if a buyer requires purchase order acknowledgement, the system shall automatically send an acknowledgement once the intended supplier views the purchase order.
    Automated validation and conversion for efficient exception handling and processing
    Suppliers will be assisted by the system to process the documents to be sent to or have been received from buyers. The assistance can be in the form of price or product information validation or buyer location code conversion.
    Provide multiple access channels to meet different needs
    Suppliers can access the system through a simple web browser, with direct system integration or through simple emails. The preferred access method of a supplier shall be determined by the frequency and number of document exchanges between the supplier and all the buyers.

      B2B e-Storefront Services
      B2B e-Storefront Services are services provided through an e-Storefront system hosted by B2B to enable a supplier to set up an online web store which has more information and features than a normal home page. The following are the key features of an e-Storefront system.
    Provide dynamic web presence
    Most web sites have static information that is hardly changed. The design is also not updated from time to time. With e-Storefront system, supplier can update web contents easily and refresh the design to follow seasonal changes.
    Building a better customer relationship
    B2B e-Storefront system enables a supplier to capture all buyer information and manage the information in a centralized database. The system also allows supplier to capture all sales and operation history of each customer. Better customer relationship can be achieve by having frequent and closer interactions with customers through mass emailing of announcements and online instant messaging.
    Publish product information more effectively
    Supplier can capture all product information in the system and create different product catalogs for different customers as different customers may require different products and pricing.
    Improve operation efficiency
    Supplier can make use of e-Storefront system to exchange documents with customers. The documents are quotations, request for quotation, product brochures, etc. The electronic document exchange improves efficiency and reduces cost.