• Joint Venture Partners
    Joint Venture with World's Leading B2B Service Provider

    Provide Global Services and Supports with GXS
    Today's businesses have trading partners across the globe and cross border trade is
    becoming increasingly important for most businesses. However, cross border trade also
    presents a number of challenges that need to be overcome. One of the main challenges
    is the efficient exchange of business documents or data between global trading partners.

    B2B is in a unique position to help businesses to exchange data or collaborate with
    business partners all over the world as B2B is a joint venture company of GXS, a
    leading global business-to-business service provider. With a strong relationship with
    GXS, B2B is able to provide services and supports to businesses with trading partners
    located everywhere in the world.

    Leverage on Technologies from GXS
    GXS is a proven leader of On-Demand Supply Chain Management, offering solutions
    that simplify and enhance business process integration and collaboration. With the
    ever changing standards and protocols, GXS is always in the forefront of technology
    and standards adoption.

    For customers who are adopting the latest technonologies and standards, B2B can
    leverage on GXS's expertise and services to meet the demands of such customers.

    More about GXS
    GXS is a leading worldwide provider of business-to-business integration,
    synchronization and collaboration solutions. The company operates a highly reliable,
    secure global network services platform enabling more than 40,000 businesses,
    including 75 percent of the Fortune 500, to conduct business together in real time.
    GXS offers an extensive range of solutions to help companies, both large and small,
    connect worldwide with their business partners, synchronize product and price
    information, optimize inventory levels and demand forecasts, and speed the overall
    execution of their global supply chains. With the broadest array of capabilities and an
    unsurpassed worldwide reach, GXS ensures No Trading Partner is Left Behind. In
    June 2002, GXS was acquired by Francisco Partners from General Electric Company
    (GE) and now operates as an independent firm. GE retains a minority investment in
    GXS. Francisco Partners is one of the world's largest technology-focused buyout funds
    with over $2.5 billion of committed capital under management. For more information
    on Francisco Partners, visit http://www.franciscopartners.com

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