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    B2B is a leading provider of solutions and services to enable businesses to exchange data and collaborate with trading partners online. The following are the main services:

         B2B Application Services
      Closer business collaboration requires more application functions than just simple data exchanges. For example, if a purchase order has been sent and not viewed by a supplier after a certain time, an email alert should be automatically sent to the respective buyer and supplier. B2B develops many such business application functions that help businesses to improve their internal as well as external business operation processes.
      Examples of business application modules are:

    Buyer management that enables a supplier to capture and analyze profile information and interaction history of all customers.
    Product management that enables a supplier to manage product catalogs and display different products and pricing for different customers.
    Communication management that enables businesses to communicate with their trading partners through mass emailing, faxing, instant messaging, etc.
    Order management that enables buyer to send and supplier to receive and process purchase orders.
    Invoice management that enables supplier to convert purchase orders or goods receipt notes into invoices or import invoices from backend systems.
      These application modules can be bundled into application systems. Examples are:
    e-Supplier System that enables suppliers to manage business processes with major buyers.
    e-Storefront System that enables a supplier to manage sales and marketing operation online.
    e-Hub System that enables secure, reliable and efficient exchanges of data between trading partners.

        B2B Data Exchange Services
      To enable fast and efficient movement of electronic data between trading partners, communication channels must be established between trading partners. The problems faced by most organizations are the different communication channels, standards and protocols that are being used by all different trading partners.

    B2B provides services to mask the complexities of multiple protocols and standards in business-to-business data exchange. Businesses need only to connect to B2B using a specific channel (Internet, EDI, etc.), standard and protocol (RosettNet, AS2, EDI, etc.) and let B2B handles secure and reliable communications with all trading partners who may be using different channels, standards and protocols.

    B2B also provides services to enable transformation of data (convert data to different formats or standards), monitoring of data flow, routing and processing of data based on business rules and conditions. B2B is also connected to other data exchange network such as GXS EDI network and B2B can help businesses to route data to trading partners on such networks.

        B2B Integration Services
      To enable seamless data flow between trading partners, integration to the backend systems of trading partners must be done to eliminate the needs of manual data entry or upload to backend systems.

    B2B can assist businesses to implement their own communication systems or route data directly into their respective backend systems. B2B can also provide standard or customized adapters for backend system integration.

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